Tailor-made anti slip flooring Anti Slip Decking for Restaurants Anti-slip GRIPFAST decking from Polydeck Anti Slip Decking on Balcony Tailor-made anti slip flooring Tailor-made anti slip flooring

GRIPFAST BoardWalk is a revolutionary new concept in outdoor decking. Unlike traditional timber decking, which rots and becomes slippery when wet, GRIPFAST BoardWalk is manufactured from rot-resistant glass fibre and incorporates an integral anti slip surface to provide a safe walking surface – even in wet conditions.


 Unlike other anti slip decking solutions, GRIPFAST BoardWalk has the true appearance of timber decking without any of the disadvantages or maintenance requirements, making it ideal for use in a wide variety of environments including public areas, bridges, hotels, restaurants, bars, museums and retailers to name but a few.
  • Three standard formats: BoardWalk 25, BoardWalk 12 and BoardWalk 6
  • Easy to install
  • GUARANTEED design life of 30 years
  • Available in 2 standard colours: aged oak and pale birch
  • ‘Low Slip Potential’ rated by the UK Slip Resistance Group
  • Simple to install and cut down to suit your needs
  • Manufactured in the UK from Glass Reinforced Polyester to provide a non-rot surface that has the appearance of natural wood


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GRIPFAST anti slip decking
GRIPFAST load bearing decking


BoardWalk 25 is a load bearing plank of the following dimensions: 2440mm x 200mm x 25mm which will span 612mm centres.

BoardWalk 12 is a set of three load-bearing planks of 2440mm x 200mm x 12mm. These are supplied in one sheet measuring 2440mm x 612mm x 12mm, which will span 400mm centres when supported around all edges.

BoardWalk 6 is a 6mm ‘overlay’ strip supplied 2440mm long and cut to your exact width requirement. This anti slip decking is designed to be laid over your existing decking to match the exact width of the planks.

Available in two standard colours:

Aged Oak Effect DeckingAged Oak
Pale Birch Style Non Slip DeckingPale Birch


Overview of GRIPFAST Boardwalk



GRIPFAST products are renowned for the high quality of their manufacture and the increased safety they provide when installed. Suitable for a wide range of environments, GRIPFAST BoardWalk is rated as ‘Low Slip Potential’ as outlined by the following guidelines:

Slip Resistance Values

Surface pattern Pendulum test value DRY Pendulum test value WET Slip potential
Timber deck effect 71 62 Low

UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines (2011)

Pendulum   Test   Value Slip   Potential
< 25 High
25 – 35 Moderate
> 35 Low


Benefits of GRIPFAST Boardwalk


Durable anti slip flooring
Easy to install anti slip deck boards


Whether GRIPFAST BoardWalk is being fitted over existing decking or on its own, it is incredibly easy to install and requires minimal tools and preparation, Use the button below to view installation instructions for all GRIPFAST BoardWalk products.

 GRIPFAST BoardWalk Maintenance

GRIPFAST BoardWalk can easily be cleaned with a soft bristle brush and water, or with a power washer. There is no need for solvents, chemicals or other household cleaners. The aggregated surface may be scratched by sharp edges such as metal furniture legs being dragged across the surface. These scratches have no effect on the anti-slip properties of the surface, and can easily be removed with clear lacquer.

GRIPFAST Boardwalk Is Easy to Install


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