GRIPFAST Boardwalk Overview

Gripfast Boardwalk Overview

GRIPFAST Boardwalk is an innovative new non-slip flooring product that is manufactured using glass fibre.

The outdoor decking provides a safe walking surface, even in wet weather, unlike traditional decking which can become slippery and hazardous when wet.

GRIPFAST Boardwalk for Businesses

Traditional alternatives to GRIPFAST Boardwalk rot and decay, increasing the risk of slips, trips and falls for homes and businesses. GRIPFAST Boardwalk makes outdoor areas safe for all users, reducing the risk of accidents and prosecution against businesses.

The innovative decking has been used to improve the surface area of bars, hotels, bridges, restaurants, museums and many more.

GRIPFAST Boardwalk is available in two standard colours, aged oak and pale birch, and three sizes and styles.

  • BoardWalk 6 – a 6mm ‘overlay’ strip that is 2440mm long and is cut to your specific width requirements. Designed to lie over your existing decking to improve the surface.
  • BoardWalk 12 – a set of three load-bearing planks which measure 2440mm x 200mm x 12mm. Supplied in one sheet that measures 2440mm x 612mm x 12mm, which spans 400mm centres when supported around all edges.
  • BoardWalk 25 – a load-bearing plank which measures 2440mm x 200mm x 25mm which spans 612mm centres.

For more information on the GRIPFAST Boardwalk anti-slip decking, please get in touch today. Speak to a member of the Polydeck Network now by calling 01934 863678 or contact us online.