GRIPFAST Boardwalk Installation


GRIPFAST Boardwalk is a fantastic way of improving the safety of decking for homes, businesses and public areas. Unlike traditional timber decking, GRIPFAST Boardwalk does not rot and isn’t hazardous when wet.

GRIPFAST Boardwalk Installations

Installing GRIPFAST Boardwalk is incredibly easy and requires minimal preparation and tools. The innovative product can also be fitted over existing decking and this is also easy to accomplish.

Once installed, GRIPFAST Boardwalk is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a soft bristle brush and water, or a power washer. No chemicals or solvents are needed but scratches are easy to remove with a clear lacquer.

Scratches can be caused by dragging metal objects, such as furniture legs, across the surface but they have no effect on the anti-slip properties of the decking. For examples of previous installations, view our existing case studies.

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