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Slip Resistant Flooring for Piers

February 28th, 2017

Slippery flooring can lead to accidents that result in serious injuries and prosecution against your business.

Our aim at Polydeck is to install industry-leading GRIPFAST Boardwalk in a range of public and private locations, to prevent unnecessary accidents occurring due to slippery floors.

Piers and Timber Decking

One of the major types of flooring that leads to serious accidents is timber decking that becomes slippery when wet.

Timber decking is installed in domestic properties, commercial buildings and public spaces, creating a potentially hazardous walking area for members of the public. GRIPFAST Boardwalk is an innovative alternative that can prevent unnecessary accidents.

Piers are one of the main locations where you’ll often find timber decking. Polydeck believe that it is important to provide piers with an anti-slip flooring solution to minimise slips, trips and falls.

Unfortunate accidents do occur in our leisure time and that’s why Polydeck provide slip-resistant flooring for piers and bridges.

GRIPFAST Boardwalk for Piers

GRIPFAST Boardwalk is an industry-leading anti-slip flooring solution for timber decking. It is important that piers still look traditional and smart, so should not be aesthetically spoilt. GRIPFAST Boardwalk is the perfect solution to make piers anti-slip and safe for all members of the public.

GRIPFAST Boardwalk has the exact appearance of timber decking but provides a non-slippery surface.

Because piers attract young children, the elderly, disabled people, and more, it is highly important that piers are equipped with safe flooring that will protect all members of the public from slips and falls.

Contact Polydeck for Slip Resistant Flooring for Piers

If you would like to find out more about GRIPFAST Boardwalk that can provide slip-resistant flooring for piers, then please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and expert team at Polydeck.

Contact us online or call us directly on 01934 863678. Open a trade account today for access to the special offers and great savings on GRIPFAST Boardwalk.

Slip Resistant Flooring for Piers