Tailor-made anti slip flooring Anti Slip Decking for Restaurants Anti-slip GRIPFAST decking from Polydeck Anti Slip Decking on Balcony Tailor-made anti slip flooring Tailor-made anti slip flooring
Durable anti slip flooring

Stylish non-slip flooring for pubs and restaurants

October 23rd, 2017

Polydeck has a wide range of flooring products, designed to offer a stylish alternative to other slip resistant solutions on the market.

Our GRIPFAST BoardWalk planks are designed to have the true appearance of timber, allowing you to create an aesthetically pleasing, and safe outdoor area.

The benefits of BoardWalk planks

A decked terrace or balcony outside a pub or restaurant sounds like the perfect alternative to grass. Decking is low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing, however it can become dangerously slippery when wet. Timber decking can also deteriorate over time, becoming weak and rotten.

GRIPFAST BoardWalk planks are made from rot-resistant fibreglass and incorporate a state-of-the-art anti slip surface. With a 30-year design life guarantee, these planks are low maintenance and hard-wearing. They are easy to clean and also maintain their slip resistant qualities, even when damaged or scratched.

These stylish planks are available in a range of sizes and colours, ensuring that you are able to maintain the aesthetics of your outdoor dining area or seating arrangement. Choose from Aged Oak or Pale Birch to complement your outdoor furniture, whilst ensuring that your customers are protected from slips and falls.

For ideas of how to incorporate GRIPFAST BoardWalk into your outdoor space, take a look at our case studies online.

The importance of anti slip flooring

In a pub or restaurant, there is a high risk of injury, this applies to punters and staff members. Members of staff a likely to be carrying trays of glasses or hot food, which can cause further injury if they were to fall.

Anti slip flooring also protects the owner or landlord of the establishment from personal liability or injury claims, which can cost thousands in the long run.

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Stylish non-slip flooring for pubs and restaurants