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Anti-slip GRIPFAST decking from Polydeck

What is composite decking?

June 19th, 2017

Composite decking is a synthetic alternative to wood, without the slippery aspects, maintenance levels and disadvantages.

GRIPFAST BoardWalk is designed to look like timber decking, but is made from rot-resistant glass fibre and is quick and easy to install.

Why choose composite decking?

The anti-slip flooring solution provides a safe and aesthetically pleasing surface for bridges, hotels, bars, restaurants, hotels and much more. At GRIPFAST BoardWalk, we offer a 30-year guarantee on all of our products, ensuring that you make the most out of your money.

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The composition of the material means that the planks do not rot, and they are easy to clean. You do not need cleaning solutions or solvents. Simply use a power washer or a soft bristle brush and water. If the surface gets scratched over time, the anti-slip quality is not compromised.

By installing anti-slip decking, not only are you making your property safe for yourself and your visitors, but business owners can also protect themselves from personal liability claims.

GRIPFAST BoardWalk even comes in a variety of colours and styles to ensure that you get the decking effect that you desire. It can be used inside or outdoors, cut to any size and can also be laid on top of existing timber.

Our products are renowned for their long-lasting quality and safety aspects. GRIPFAST BoardWalk planks have been awarded a ‘low slip potential’ from the UK Slip Resistance Group.

GRIPFAST BOARDWALK is part of the Polydeck group. You can find more safety flooring and anti-slip solutions online.

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What is composite decking?